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Attacking From a Victim Position

Depression, Sadness, “Inside Out”, and Trump-ian Winning

Cultivating a Helpful Mind

Tribe or Community?

About Love #3: Romance, connection, and positivity resonance

About Love #2: What is Love?

About Love #1: What does “I love you” mean?

Mindful celebration

Vulnerability and chronic illness

An example of a more skillful relationship conversation

An example of a difficult relationship conversation

Opposites attract relationships: “original” and “peaceful”

An interesting take on ‘soul mates’

Panic attacks: anxiety’s vicious cycle

A favorite saying about truth

Showing emotion equals “break down”?

Introduction to relationship counseling

How to make couples counseling work

How to sabotage couples counseling

Common marriage (couples/relationship) counseling myths

Who do I work with?

What is a good relationship?

What is depression?

What are emotions?

The ultimate mental health program

Safety and comfort in counseling

What is empathy?

How to have a healthy relationship

This redirects to the “Types of Therapy offered” PAGE

Emotional differences: personality vs. gender

Mastery: power and control


Group Therapy

Change and discomfort in psychotherapy



Differentiation in relationship

Tod on Youtube

Communication “cheat sheet”

Change and motivation

Conscious and unconscious: your two minds


What is a good relationship?

The relationship between client and therapist

What is Counseling or Psychotherapy?

Men, emotional communication, and the challenge of empathy