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The joys of babysitting

I recently did some extended babysitting with friends’ 11 month old son. I made some observations that I’ll be writing up in an article soon. In the meantime, a few random thoughts:

  1. Nothing brings out the best side of people faster than a cute, happy baby.
  2. Humans’ ability to function effectively is greatly affected by how well-rested we are. Coordination, adaptability, mood regulation, judgment – it all goes downhill fast as we get tired. It’s true for babies, and growing up doesn’t change it.
  3. The fact that even the fussiest children generally make it to adulthood without being strangled by their parents is good reason to believe that world peace is possible for our species.
  4. People who are able and willing to do a good job caring for children day in and day out deserve to be well paid. No matter how much you love the child you care for, it is very hard work.
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